Insurance Audits

Insurance Audits

Risk Partners offer a valuable insurance program audit service. We provide a thorough analysis of your business, your risks and your current insurance program, addressing the adequacy of your existing insurance cover.
Common problems identified

  • insurance cover that doesn’t reflect current legislation, common law and licencee requirements
  • insurance that doesn’t adequately address run off requirements, retroactive cover, fraud and dishonesty
  • inadequate definitions of the professional services
  • inappropriate exclusions
  • failure to identify and include all subsidiaries and divisions

Consider the following

  1. Does your current risk management and insurance program reflect your actual risks? Does it take into account your business’ contracts, licences, regulatory regime, investment mandates?
  2. Do you understand the nature and complexities of your insurance cover and your insurance requirements?
  3. Are you confident that your insurance program will protect you and your business in the event of a claim?

Do not wait until renewal. Business is inherently risky, but choosing an insurance broker and an insurance program shouldn’t be.

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