Our Approach


Our clients face complicated exposures that require a sophisticated, competent broker with both the time and the expertise to understand their business, their risks and their insurance policy.

“Risk Partners take a holistic view of your business exposures.”  Andrea Helfrich

Risk Partners take a holistic view of your business exposures. We do not just sell insurance. We view our role as far more extensive – to analyse your business risk, evaluate the adequacy of your insurance coverage, to review your risk management strategies and then, in partnership with you, design a risk management program which cost effectively addresses those issues. We regularly hear complaints about the insurance process: clients receiving terms late, receiving terms from numerous insurers with no clear recommendation, and clients being forced to choose on price because they are not aware of the differences in cover.

Once we have worked with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business, Risk Partners adopt our own individual approach to presenting and ultimately placing that risk with insurers.

How do we do this? See Evaluate and Prepare.