Complaints & External Links

Complaints & External Links


AFCA – Australian Financial Complaints Authority

AFCA fairly and independently resolves disputes between consumers — including some small businesses — and member financial services providers. AFCA’s Maximum dispute limit – $1M. AFCA covers all individuals and business with less than 100 employees in relation to Retail and Business Package products, with various exclusions applicable.

GPO Box 3, Melbourne, Vic 3001

1800 931 678 (the cost of a local call)




NIBA – National Insurance Brokers Association

The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice sets out the minimum service standards consumers can expect when they use an insurance broker and outlines what to do in the unlikely event they have a complaint to make.

To contact NIBA please visit their website at or call them on 02 9964 9400


Whistleblower Policy

Click the following link to access the Risk Partners and Steadfast Whistlebolower policy:

Whistleblower Policy


What should I do if I have a Complaint?

Contact us and tell us about your complaint. We have our own internal complaints handling procedure, a copy

of which is available upon request. In the first instance you should address any concern or complaint to the Risk Partners representative servicing your account.

Alternatively you may contact us either by e-mail or telephone the Risk Partners Complaints Officer on +61 3 9929 9800.

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, we will handle the matter under our internal complaints handling process. Either a manager of the business unit which is the recipient of the complaint &/or the Risk Partners Complaints Officer will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action. You will be advised within 15 working days of our decision. If the matter is complex and a longer period is required you will be informed.

We are a member of an external dispute resolution scheme. If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by us you have the right to refer the matter to the free consumer service offered by this scheme.