Our Key People


Risk Partners was established by four accomplished professionals with extensive insurance and commercial experience, Hamish Robinson, Mark Parris, Andrea Helfrich and Maria Carroll. They identified a need in the insurance market for a broker that took a different approach to advising clients. They saw that the traditional approach of selling insurer’s ‘off the shelf’ products didn’t address many client’s unique needs and created significant gaps in cover. The inability of many brokers to explain complex or tailored insurance solutions has created a primary focus on price and resulted in significant expectation and coverage gaps. As such they set about creating an advisory business that establishes them as ‘trusted advisers’ to their clients on their business risk. The Risk Partners team has extensive experience in broking, underwriting (both direct insurance and reinsurance) and claims management. When combined with our practical commercial expertise we believe that there are few, if any, peers in our areas of specialty.

Greater understanding through experience

Our insurance backgrounds provide us with a detailed understanding of the underwriting process. We continue to develop and enhance policy wordings and claims management processes as well as assisting underwriters in developing appropriate rating for risks. Knowing what underwriters require to insure risks for the long term is critical in ensuring our clients have ‘best practice’ cover with insurers who can pay claims. We have dealt with 100’s of complex claims and, unlike most brokers, are active participants in the claims management process. It is our role to drive insurers to ensure that coverage intent is met in a timely manner. This is particularly important for personal liability classes of risk. Our extensive legal and claims management expertise connected closely to policy development is a significant point of difference over other brokers who generally ‘go missing’ in a claim.

Established insurer network

We have strong relationships with insurers in our areas of specialty in Australia and offshore. The principals regularly visit the Lloyds of London market and work closely with underwriters and insurers to ensure they understand the ‘relationship’ we are intending for them with our clients. Without this ongoing relationship between all parties, positive claims outcomes are more difficult. We have access to all insurers and are often targeted by insurers to drive new business due to our ability to explain complex product solutions. Please call us to discuss your risk with a Risk Partners team member.